The first one…

Honestly, the idea of a blog has come and gone over the years.  Usually I quickly dismissed it thinking, “Who would want to read what I have to say?”   Most likely this is true, but you’re reading it!  So here I sit, using precious nap time to jot down some of my thoughts.  If for no other reason than expressing my thoughts and emotions and striving to align them with truth, I am diving in and starting a blog.

Life has a way of catching you off guard, no matter how “prepared” you might think you are.  Some leave these happenings to chance or coincidence, but I don’t believe that for a second.  God, in His wisdom and providence, allows each moment to pass through His hands.  If He has allowed something in my life, then I trust it has passed through His divine, ultimate knowledge and wisdom before it crosses my path.

My life isn’t perfect, as God promised it wouldn’t be.  There are many joys, reasons to celebrate and victories.  Here’s a snapshot of the past decade:

  • Graduated from Cedarville University in 2007 with my Bachelor’s degree in Special Education/Early Childhood education and a minor in Biblical studies
  • Married my college sweetheart on 7/7/07 and moved to Pittsburgh
  • Taught Special Education for 7 years and received my Master’s degree from Slippery Rock University in 2010
  • Became a mommy to Alivia in July of 2011
  • Became a mommy to Myka Joy in January of 2015 and began the journey of being a mama to a child with significant ongoing medical needs

Funny how you can list out your life like that.  Each of those bullet points represent years and years and include joy and sorrow, trials and triumphs.  In reality, those events really are just a bullet point – a mist on the surface of time eternal.  The mist of each dash can leave just a spritz or the mark of a flood on our canvas of legacy to future generations.

How do I respond to events in my life?  Do I internalize them and wish they were different?  Do I hold bitterness and regret closer than the lessons I learn?  When trials overwhelm me, as they often do, I can choose my reaction.   This blog is where I plan to write through the happenings, knowing God has a bigger, more elaborate and far better plan than the one I would so “perfectly” devise in my mind.  My heart is broken and wicked without the redemption I have in Jesus.  So hold on, my friends.  You’re about to see the ugly.   May God take that ugly and shape it into something beautiful to leave the mark of a flood on these pages: marks of the battle we face, the tears we cry, the shouts of joy we will exclaim.